DISASTER K.F.W. - Death Ritual

Disaster K.F.W. - Death Ritual

13 songs
46:17 minutes
***** **


So you think Metallica are really slow on releasing new albums? Well, forget about these boring millionaires, because Disaster K.F.W. are so slow that they needed 18 years to release their first full-length album. And as if to underline their sluggishness, they even suffix every song with its birth year on the back cover. So for your information, the songs have been written between 1990 and 2002, and they average six years.

Are Disaster K.F.W. like a good wine or rather like an over-ripe fruit? Neither of the two. The band has been founded back in the days when Germany was still two countries, and might be considered pioneers of the East German metal scene. Their drummer used to play with Die Apokalyptischen Reiter, but according to Disaster's homepage, he was to good for them and had to quit. Yeah right! After the piano intro, played by another Apokalyptischen Reiter member, the band starts their onslaught of simple death thrash songs. It's nothing really that special they're doing, but in its straightforward way, it is developping a mesmerising charm which is hard to deny. It's as if they had record collections consisting solely of bands like Sodom, Kreator, Assassin and other long forgotten German thrash bands of the 80s. From straight thrashers like the opener Death Ritual, their ode to their deceased band member Pfeiler, the sick and disgusting Hartlack (but we love it, sincerely!) or the unexpected cover version of the 70s proto synth pop anthem Popcorn, called Doppelkorn on this album, there's all kinds of wicked fun on this album. Even the short and grinding Middletro, clocking in under one minute, took the band about 15 years to write. Call that perfectionism, he he.

Sure, Disaster K.F.W. don't even try to be original, and although they all are good on their instruments (the least you can expect after nearly 20 years of playing), they never really excel. It's the fun you feel on this album which makes it a pleasant listening experience. Old school thrashers and fans of primitive but effective pounding death metal will love this album.

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