Disbelief - Heal!

8 songs
40:18 minutes
***** ****


Disbelief have been active for exactly two decades and can be easily considered one of the pioneers of the German death metal movement. Their official debut came out only in 1997, but since then they have been quite busy, making Heal! already their ninth studio record. In the past Disbelief never failed to amaze me, and naturally Heal! doesn’t make an exception.

Yet Heal! is not a regular album, but rather a time travel where the band presents its influences and partly even covers them. The CD starts with four original songs, with The Eyes Of Horror opening the feast. This is a fat piece of classic death metal with tons of groove, with the rhythm section showing strong parallels to Slayer. It continues with the darker Isolation which could be seen as a tribute to Death, before The Last Force: Attack cranks things up even more. Bolt Thrower may have left their traces on this track. Certainty Of Reality is more sluggish but still very brutal, reminding me of Crowbar. These four really strong smashers are followed by three cover versions, two of which are truly amazing: Crimson Glory’s Red Sharks and King Diamond’s Welcome Home. Their take on Killing Joke’s Love Like Blood sounds too new wavy and worked much better in the original version. The album ends with a re-recorded version of the title track from their album Shine which came out eight years ago.

Fans should get their hands on the limited edition of Heal! which comes with a bonus DVD containing their concert at the Walpurgis Metal Days in 2009. Notwithstanding what version you get, your purchase with not be misguided, as Disbelief are still one of the most exciting extreme metal bands from Germany.

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