DISBELIEF - Protected Hell

Disbelief - Protected Hell

12 songs
48:51 minutes
***** ****


Disbelief have been an unavoidable constant in the German extreme metal movement, and their eighth album Protected Hell will certainly not alter the situation. Their music is often simply described as death metal, but it is only fair to elucidate that there is much more to them.

The short intro is followed by the album’s single A Place To Hide, a true neck breaker where Disbelief show that they have one of the world’s tightest rhythm sections. Especially the powerful double bass attacks surprise constantly. The four musicians prove that they are adept at more than just rushing with maximum velocity through their songs. Although some parts display a wicked ferocity, the band can just as well rely on rocking, groovy parts and also nourishes a darker side that does not go unneglected. It’s those tracks that sound despite their sludgy pace extremely brutal, highlighting the vocals’ despair. Frontman Jagger is among the best in the brutal metal genre, producing a multitude of sounds next to his thrash growls. Highlights include the pitch-black S.O.S. that teaches a lesson in fear, and the more progressive Dark Soundscapes where the band is venturing into unexplored musical paths.

Disbelief once again made no mistakes and delivered a great album full of tension that can be aligned next to classics like Navigator and 66Sick. Collectors should try to get a hold of the limited edition digipak which comes with a bonus DVD.

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