DISEN GAGE - …The Reverse May Be True

Disen Gage - …The Reverse May Be True

10 songs
56:41 minutes
***** ****


After their incredibly convincing debut (2004) with compact songs and a more freeform follow-up two years later, Russian prog quartet Disen Gage is now back with their third strike …The Reverse May Be True, locating themselves this time between the structural constraints of their first CD and the improvisational freedom of their second CD, and veer off orthogonally into multiple different dimensions. The band is listing classical composers (Debussy, Ravel), progressive musicians (John Wetton), comical sci fi authors (Douglas Adams) and film directors (Georgi Daneliya) among their influences, which should give their prospective audience a relative idea of what to expect. If that doesn’t help, the wildly surreal cover artwork (great digipak design!) and the insane song titles should underline that Disen Gage rarely try to woo their listener with common sounds.

The short opener What’s Up On Planet Plyuk?, a clear reference to the Soviet era science fiction cult movie Kin-dza-dza!, retains a clear soundtrack kind of atmosphere and would equally have fit for the dark works of Caro and Jeunet. This is followed by the longer Landing, displaying the quartet’s progressive side, combining elements of Frippish guitar antics with Zappaesque anarchic wit. Expect fusion jazz elements, Eastern European folk patterns and occasional quasi-vocals that fuel the gonzo atmosphere, and you have the main ingredients of Disen Gage’s sonic universe.

The whole album clings to a humorous science fiction concept. The musicians are tight enough to pull everyone of their ideas through without ever struggling with own limitations, and although at times you might hear keyboards, horns and tubas, you should know that all these sounds have been created by guitars. Disen Gage have made a huge step forward since their rather untransparent previous album, and whenever they run in best form, as on the first two and last two tracks on the CD, they deserve nothing less than the maximum rating. The middle of the record can’t always compete with the more compelling aforementioned material, but in the end, …The Reverse May Be True is Disen Gage’s finest moment so far! Progressive rock fans with a sense of humour have no excuse not to listen to this album, especially since the band put it for free downloading on their homepage!

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