DISFEAR - Misanthropic Generation

Disfear - Misanthropic Generation

12 songs
38:08 minutes
***** *****
Relapse / Suburban


After the split of At The Gates, singer Tomas Lindberg was doing his job in several other bands like The Crown, The Great Deceiver, Lock Up and Disfear. In the latter, he presents himself from his more punky and snotty side. Disfear play a mixture of punk and crust, a kind of music which seems to be very popular in Sweden. Parallels to Moment Maniacs or Genocide Superstar are obvious. All songs on Misanthropic Generation are extremely brutal, fast and angry, but this shouldn't mean that you will soon be bored by this record as all songs would sound more or less the same. Disfear don't know this problem. First of all, the album doesn't last too long, I think that a running time of about 40 minutes is perfect for such a record. Tomas Lindberg is a very professional crust singer, the punkish songs never become boring and a Nasum musician was responsible for the solid production. Imagine a combination of Motörhead and Entombed, but played several levels harder and infinitely faster, then you know more or less how Disfear are sounding. Or just buy the album.

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