DISILLUSION - Back To Times Of Splendor

Disillusion - Back To Times Of Splendor

6 songs
56:52 minutes
***** *****
Metal Blade


After 2 EPs, Back To Times Of Splendor is the first full-length release by Disillusion, Germany's hottest newcomer on the extreme metal ground. Fusion isn't a new term in music, but the bizarre combination of death, thrash, black, progressive and power metal created by Disillusion can't be compared to anything else. Four of the six songs have an extended playing time, but they are so complex that there is no place for boredom. Describing the songs is nearly impossible, they are packed full with differently sounding moments. Blast attacks reaching nearly the speed of sound are placed next to acoustic folk parts that are followed by classic power metal or very complicated progressive structures. You also have to show deep respect for the varied vocals: hysterical screams, evil grunts, clear vocals, desperate mourns and wonderful polyphonic choirs can be heard on this record. The guitar lines are very virtuous and will make every metal heart shine. The final product is one of the most astonishing metal works I've ever heard. But the production process was hard and demanding. It took the band 18 months to write the songs and 8 more months to record them. Nevertheless, the album doesn't sound too constructed and still contains lots of spontaneity. In my opinion, Disillusion are the greatest German metal revelation since Sieges Even more than 15 years ago.

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