Disinter - As We Burn

8 songs
31:56 minutes
***** **


In a world where most bands never even make it to a second album release, we should be thankful for artists like Disinter who released their first demo tape back in 1991 and are now back with their already fourth long player As We Burn. Not that much has changed in Chicago, we still get some of the hottest death metal. If you care to check out the review I did for their previous album Demonic Portraiture more than two years ago, you'll notice that my rating is two points lower this time. So have Disinter deteriorated? Not in the least, but there was also not that much progress (which is promised for their forthcoming album in 2005, which should be a double CD with stranger versions of the songs on the bonus disc). Also the running time of 32 minutes could have been more generous.

Disinter's death metal is mostly hyperfast, although they also switch back to mid-tempo parts from time to time. The production is perfect, just like on the predecessor. Unlike West Coast death metal, Disinter put less emphasis on technical virtuosity but show great skills among others on the epic Dig Me No Grave, which is in strong contrast to the blast-speed title track.

Old school death metal fans can't do anything wrong by purchasing As We Burn, but be warned, it's a rather short pleasure this time.

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