DISINTER - Demonic Portraiture

Disinter - Demonic Portraiture

10 songs
37:33 minutes
***** ****

I normally don't like using strong language, but god damn it, this is some heavy shit. Most death metal bands nowadays are just technically brutal without really convincing me of their intentions. Disinter are from an altogether different league. First of all, their new CD Demonic Portraiture has the best possible production you can expect from a death metal band, and even a multi-platinum Neil Kernon can't make Cannibal Corpse more aggressive.

Then you have songwriting from a different planet. It's so out of your mind, and then again very straight forward. It's really hard to explain, but there is a spark in their music that makes you want to headbang and become really mean to your cats that you normally love as if they were your own children.

Most of the songs are played at a searing speed, even closing in on the grind core genre, and then there's a singer who sounds as if he is really throwing up his guts. I mean, let Chuck Schuldiner rest in peace, but last time when I listened to his Leprosy album, I noticed that since then, the genre has come a long way, in terms of production mostly though.

But back to Disinter: if you love death metal and still spend your money on established bands that are copying their very own trademarks, maybe it's time to reconsider and get Demonic Portraiture. I promise that you won't be disappointed, and 9 really fat and blood dripping points should help you make the purchasing decision.

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