DISLIKED - Fresh Trash

Disliked - Fresh Trash

9 songs
36:58 minutes
***** **


Disliked are a young ska punk band from Luxembourg, and their tender age is also probably the reason why I have rarely caught them live. They are already very popular among the local youth, but I often feel like a grandpa at such shows. Well, oldtimers like me have the opportunity now to listen to Disliked's debut album Fresh Trash, an album that was already recorded more than a year ago in Germany.

The colourful cover artwork may be well done, but too cartoony for my taste. Fortunately things get better once you start listening to the album. A short instrumental Intro welcomes the first regular song Outsiders that we all know already from last year's ambitious In Defence Of Rock II compilation. Although this is the highlight of the album, the remaining songs fare no worse. Instead of delivering quirky ska punk as seems popular with too many bands these days, Disliked are still firmly rooted in their street punk roots. The music rarely if ever transcends punk's border to hardcore, and the vocals, although not up to everyone's taste, have this strange charm that many punk bands lack. If only the singer learnt now to keep a longer note in a more steady way, he'd be the champ!

Disliked are still very young, and for a newcomer album, Fresh Trash is really a nice surprise, and even if they don't have yet the street snottiness of local punk heroes Rise-Up, they gather more charm than for instance Extinct and more punk attitude than North Luxembourg's pop punk band Sad But True.

Given that this is already a one year old album, only even better things should be expected from Disliked. Until then you can spend your pocket money on this respectable debut CD which I give seven points.

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