DISLIKED - My Parents Went To Eldorado And All I Got Was This Lousy Cadillac

Disliked - My Parents Went To Eldorado And All I Got Was This Lousy Cadillac

12 songs
40:02 minutes
***** ***


A little more than two years ago, The Disliked left a good impression with their debut album Fresh Trash. Their song Outsiders even became a minor classic. Their second album boasts the excessive title My Parents Went To Eldorado And All I Got Was This Lousy Cadillac, allowing the matured septet to set new accents in the local ska punk scene. This shouldn’t surprise too much as the band gained a lot of experience with their countless live shows.

The CD starts with summery sounds, and after the first two tracks My Profile and 2000 And Two, you are stuck in the Disliked’s catchy ska beats. The songs are neatly arranged and show a masterly hand for melodies. Vocalist Raph’s performance has also improved considerably, reminding a little of Something Under My Bed, an obscure Luxembourgish band from the last millennium. This is certainly a coincidence, but gives the music a special charm. The songs have a humorous mood that can only come from a band that has fun playing its music. That this will work best in a live setting where people can move and dance, should be quite obvious. Some tracks are harder and faster, giving the musicians room to freak out on their instruments. Songs like From Monday To Sunday and Why Do I Cry remind me therefore a little of Voodoo Glow Skulls. The horn section convinces too, as can be best heard on the punk-free Mary.

You can only reproach The Disliked to fail to come up with new ideas in the second half of the album. Although there are no weak tracks, the first half is more exciting. That shouldn’t prevent ska punk fans to put My Parents Went To Eldorado… on their next shopping list.

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