Distress - Others

10 songs
71:16 minutes
***** ****


French doom metal band Distress is regularly recording albums every three years. After releases in 2001 and 2004, their third album Others was released in 2007. I’m not familiar with their earlier material, but the info sheet tells us that the band has matured a lot since their previous effort. This information isn’t too surprising as a label wants to sell its music, but without being familiar with the band’s past, I have to admit that Others impressed me a lot.

No band likes being compared to other ones, but in the case of Distress, parallels to Opeth are quite audible. Gothic, doom, death and even progressive metal are combined in such a sophisticated way that Others meets the standards to become a masterpiece. Apart from two shorter instrumentals, the songs are very long, mostly between five and ten minutes long. There is a lot of diversity with enough breaks from really slow doom parts to monumental passages, acoustic intermezzos, heavier uptempo parts, mourning passages and even evil growls. It isn’t always easy to follow the complex structures, which is the progressive side of Distress. The vocals, ranging from classic death growls to cleaner metal vocals, are always on a top level and contribute to the high level of the record.

The production is on a high level and the song writing doesn’t include a single blackout. It’s difficult to find a favourite track on this record, so I even don’t try and recommend to listen to the entire work. I hope for Distress that they will get the deserved recognition with their new masterpiece.

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