DIVAHAR - Divarise

Divahar - Divarise

8 songs
43'54 minutes
***** ***
Sleaszy Rider


It doesnít happen every day that I get to review music from Armenia. In the case of Divahar, we are even in the presence of four furious ladies that play black metal, which makes the whole endeavour even more interesting. The band has been around since 2009 and are now ready for their first longplayer Divarise. The quartet likes to compare itself to Dimmu Borgir, Behemoth, Satyricon and Emperor, which shows that the band is more of a symphonic than of a primitive orientation. It should not surprise that Divahar canít yet quite keep up with their idols, but there is still a lot of good music to be discovered on this record.

In 2013 the band released a single and a video clip of the track Alien, which can also be found on Divarise. This is one of the albumís highlights, with a length of approximately seven minutes. The song starts rather symphonically before heading into a more aggressive direction. This is actually Divaharís typical modus operandi for their songs which usually run for more than five minutes. The musicians are full of creative ideas and not afraid of tempo changes. At times the songs are fast and brutal, then switch to slower rhythms and can be even downright bizarre. On Ravenstone they even sound grandiose. Mayhemís Attila Csihar provides guest vocals, but frankly his male voice doesnít sound that different from Divaharís fierce female shrieks.

When all is said and done after three quarters of an hour, it must be conceded that Divaharís music still has room for improvement, but that doesnít mean that Divarise hasnít become a suspenseful affair. Of course an Armenian all-female black metal band has an undeniable exotic allure, but there is definitely more to the band than that. As a matter of fact, the four ladies play sophisticated black metal that never reveals what comes next, thus keeping the suspense alive throughout the album. Fans of modern black metal should flag this record for further consideration.

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