DJAHNAÉ - Dans la Cour des Anges

Djahnaé - Dans la Cour des Anges

4 songs
16:03 minutes
***** **

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Djahnaé is the project by a man from Luxemburg with the beautiful sounding name Jean-Roland Lamy-Au-Rousseau. His EP contains 4 versions of the song Dans la Cour des Anges where he is supported on vocals by different female singers. It's a very calm and relaxed song with a smooth reggae touch. The vocals of the French version are very fragile and colder than the music and make me think of Enya. It's my favourite version of the song. There's also an English version, but this singer has a too rough voice compared to the dreamy melody of the song. The third version is pure dub and the vocals are performed by the project leader and one of his two kids. Finally there's the petites voix (small voices) version where the kid is singing and laughing during the whole song. This version surely suits best for all the Teletubbies fans. This EP is one of the most unusual ones ever released in Luxemburg and definitely worth being checked out.

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