Dogpound - III

14 songs
63:43 minutes
***** ***
Lion Music


Having reviewed nearly 2.000 albums since the inception of this incarnation of DisAgreement Online some good six years ago, it’s obvious that you can’t recall every band you ever encountered, so I had to look up my review of the first Dogpound album four years ago when the band contacted me about their new album. Having missed their second CD, I decided to let me be surprised by III, coming this time with a soberer cover artwork and a somewhat uninspirational title. The Swedes don’t hide their influences on the Myspace site. Although they grew up with classic hardrock music, III has a strong King’s X and Galactic Cowboys touch, and why not? Somehow this groovy Beatlesque sound never truly made it into the mainstream, which is why Dogpound don’t sound like many other melodic hardrock bands. To be fair, they are not strictly copying the aforementioned bands, but rather combine their big melodies with a sunny Eighties tinged AOR sound not unlike Night Ranger.

With Hypocrisy frontman Peter Tägtren in charge of the mix, we get an album that at no point in time even tries to feel polished. The vocals could afford a little more edge, but the ubiquitous rhythm guitar and the powerfully pounding drums make up for that. Fourteen songs is in my opinion a little too much for such an album, because the long running time makes it hard to concentrate on the songs. With four tracks less, this could have been a more compact three quarter of an hour set which would have made the band more justice, but then it’s must have been a touch decision for Dogpound in the first place as they had more than two dozen to pick from.

Eventually III turns out to be a very good melodic hardrock album that has enough vigour to convince even people who normally don’t consider themselves adherents of that particular genre.

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