DOL THEETA - The Universe Expands

Dol Theeta - The Universe Expands

11 songs
57:50 minutes
***** ***
Electronic Art Metal


Two years ago, Greek artist Thanasis Lightbridge released the second album of his symphonic metal band Dol Ammad, delivering an onslaught of bombastic mixed choirs with grand guitar and keyboard driven metal music full of pathos. Now he’s back with his new project Dol Theeta. The similar name betrays the kinship between both bands. The main difference is the more stripped down approach of the Dol Theeta, consisting only of Lightbridge on keyboards and drum programming, guitarist Dimitris Makrantonakis and vocalist Kortessa Tsifodimou who both are also in Dol Ammad.

Dol Theeta combine symphonic metal with trance music, which becomes most obvious on the long songs Silver Air and Nighttime early on in the album. The electronic elements sound a little Nineties at times, but the sheer fact that combining these two apparently irreconcilable genres into something homogeneous makes the experience already more than worthwhile. The drum beats sound of course not always too organic, but again, in combination with the technoid atmosphere, this makes absolutely sense. Thematically we get a science fiction concept that works better on an aesthetic than on a literary level, with Kortessa singing the lyrics with her well trained operatic voice. The vocals add a certain gothic metal atmosphere, which may not disturb fans of that genre, but I would have hoped for a more futuristic vocal approach.

The Universe Expands is an ambitious experiment that tries, sometimes more successfully than other times, to add a whole new dimension to symphonic metal. Whenever Dol Theeta opt for lengthy instrumental passages, they shine with a true progressive attitude. Their shorter, more radio friendly material is still high above average stuff, but lacks the courageous innovative spirit of their better moments. In the end, this new album complements perfectly Thanasis Lightbridge’s previous albums under the name Dol Ammad.

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