DOOMSWORD - Let Battle Commence

Doomsword - Let Battle Commence

7 songs
52:39 minutes
***** ***


In the Fifties and Sixties, Italy was quite famous for monumental movies about Roman gladiators or slaves. About half a century later, the same country can proudly present a band which is able to write fitting soundtracks for such movies. Doomsword have released their third album Let Battle Commence, a logical consequence of their predecessor. They continue to write anthems about heroic and dramatic battles. As the name lets you guess, there are of course certain doom elements in the music of Doomsword. Although they never try to play at full speed, their music has an authentic epic touch and can always be described as very powerful. The use of viking horns in In The Battlefield is a very original idea. The production is excellent which makes the songs even more bombastic. Concerning song writing, there are certain parallels to Manowar, but Doomsword write longer songs and take good care to avoid the clichés displayed by the dumb muscle men. Great slo-mo metal with some mid-tempo passages and 100% free of guitar solos. I just can recommend Doomsword to all those who were disappointed by the latest Bathory releases.

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