DOOMSWORD - Resound The Horn

DoomSword - Resound The Horn

7 songs
50:13 minutes
***** ***


The name of this band tells you already a lot of what you may expect while listening to their record. DoomSword definitely play epic metal with strong doom influences reminding of the very early Candlemass from Sweden when Messiah still was their singer. The word "sword" fits well to the band, too, as the lyrics are mostly about northern sagas, medieval and Celtic history and Valhalla. This first part of the review may let you think that nothing exceptional or surprising is awaiting you, but that's not the case for DoomSword. Even if some songs like Shores Of Vinland or The DoomSword are pure doom, they get refreshed by convincing vocals which draw parallels to Bathory at their Twilight Of The Gods period. Besides doom, this album also contains some classic metal hymns influenced by bands like Manowar or Warlord, just listen to Onward Into Battle or For Those Who Die With Sword In Hand. My favourite track is MCXIX, a mysteriously dramatic song with a dark atmosphere. To me, DoomSword are a strong band as they differ a lot from the typical Italian gothic or true metal scene.

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