DORN - Spiegel der Unendlichkeit

Dorn - Spiegel der Unendlichkeit

10 songs
43:46 minutes
***** *


Dark leather coats, poetic German lyrics, band photograph taken in a snow landscape,… This could have turned out really bad, but fortunately Dorn are not just another dark gothic band. Instead the band formed by former Riger keyboarder Roberto Liebig (how refreshing to have an artist not using a silly pseudonym) plays a routined mix of death and black metal with lots of dominant keyboard arrangements. After five albums in only eight years band history, Dorn are probably among the busier performers of their genre, and while their experience shows throughout the album, it also lacks the really big moments that make you want to scream for more.

I like Dorn best whenever the guitars are winning it over the keyboard, and the band’s choice to opt for typical death metal growls makes the sometimes too floating music also acceptable for those who really romantic dark wave or goth metal.

The title track combines groovy guitars with an oriental synth line, adding mystic power to the arrangement. The following Flammender Zorn loses ground again with a too generic piano sound. After repeatedly listening to Spiegel der Unendlichkeit, I come to the conclusion that Mr Liebig likes to play around with keyboard sounds, and is an ok songwriter too. But somehow the ten songs always seem to fade into the background, never really catching your attention, making this an ok purchase for fans of melodic death metal with a knack for goth sounds, although never really a must-buy item on your next shopping list.

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