DOWN BELOW - Silent Wings: Eternity

Down Below - Silent Wings: Eternity

13 songs
53:10 minutes
***** **


Egyptian mythology is the concept behind the new CD by Down Below from Germany. The intro Neb-Cheperu-Re puts you immediately in the atmosphere of a monumental movie about Cleopatra or Ramses. Although all songs can be considered more or less gothic (with old Egyptian touch), they however don't sound all the same. Most of the songs are very melodic gothic pop songs with sometimes female guest vocals. How To Die In Space or The Man Who Robs Dead People are my favourite tracks from that direction. Some songs are much darker and sounding mystical like Embalmment or The Seals Shall Be Broken where I see parallels to the Sisters Of Mercy. There's even some EBM. on this album (Vision: Gold). Down Below are really trying hard to make a decent gothic album covering different styles. They often succeed, but there are still some weaker tracks on the CD (Up And Away, Return Back From Ignorance) which will hopefully not be the case on future release. Nevertheless, it's a promising step for the future career of this gothic band.

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