DOWNWARD CANDIDATE - Distort & Confuse

Downward Candidate - Distort & Confuse

4 songs
14:18 minutes
***** ***


Downward Candidate are a new band from Denmark, consisting of four musicians who all have already gained experience with former projects. Distort & Confuse is their first demo-CD, and their aggressive brand of thrash metal combined with a streetwise hardcore attitude leaves you wanting for more after its short quarter hour. Especially the opener Distort & Confuse takes no prisoners, and after a groovy start, it's speeding up like mad and shows that nowadays there are still thrash metal bands that like to put the pedal to the metal.

The remaining songs offer more of the same: down tuned guitars, rumbling bass, shattering drums and a vocalist who's barking like a rabies infected dog. What Downward Candidate lack in originality is made good by their sheer fun at playing their angry music. I know this sounds like a paradox, but you understand as soon as you listen to their songs.

As a starter, Distort & Confuse is already a very promising hors d'oeuvre, it only remains to be seen now if they will be able to keep this high level for the playing time of a full length CD, or if they will even be able to top themselves.

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