DRACONIAN - A Rose For The Apocalypse

Draconian - A Rose For The Apocalypse

10 songs
64:52 minutes
***** ***


Swedish gothic doom metal band Draconian releases new albums about every three years. Their fourth longplayer comes with the ominous title A Rose For The Apocalypse. The band doesn’t really explore any new paths but prove nevertheless that they master what they do. The songs are all between five and eight minutes long, giving the musicians ample time to elaborate the different moods. The most striking aspect is the interaction between the male growls and the vigorous female vocals that definitely don’t copy the tiresome beauty/beast concept. Doom is an important part of their sound, allowing comparisons to the early Paradise Lost, who by the way had an album also titled Draconian.

It is fascinating how dark and solemn the songs are. Especially A Phantom Dissonance and The Quiet Storm are two great examples of gloomy music. Draconian never limit themselves to the same old thing, instead delight their audience with dreamy, melancholic and romantic parts. The excellent Elysian Night even has an ambient atmosphere, while the longer The Death Of Hours is a rollercoaster ride through everything that makes out their sound. I also appreciate that Draconian are not afraid to add faster moments that remind me of Sentenced and Katatonia.

Draconian will not only keep their old fans with A Rose For The Apocalypse, but might even win new ones. Despite not reinventing themselves, their strong songwriting and impeccable musicianship make sure that listening to this band doesn’t grow old. If you’re into Tiamat, Anathema and the likes, you will most certainly find a lot to savour with these Swedes.

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