DRACONIAN - Turning Season Within

Draconian - Turning Season Within

9 songs
52:36 minutes
***** ****


Although founded already back in 1994, Swedish doom metal band Draconian’s Turning Season Within is only their third regular album, although they also released an EP in 2000 and the amazing The Burning Halo (2006) which compiled three newly recorded demo tracks, three new songs and two cover versions.

The band decided this time to change studio and producers. Jens Bogren and David Castillo, who worked already with Opeth and Katatonia, manage perfectly to recreate Draconian’s trademark dark and heavy atmosphere, although the band plays now faster without denying their doom background though.

Draconian do not pretend and also do not need to reinvent the wheel. They have a knack for compact songwriting, never allowing for boring or superfluous moments. There are many different moods available, from dreamy and romantic to scary and really aggressive. The confrontation of mixed male and female vocals, the former rather growling and the latter located somewhere between Nightwish and The Gathering, convinced throughout the album.

Hightlights are the eight minute long Earthbound, a successful mix of gothic and doom, and the multilayered The Empty Stare with its wonderful, atmospheric keyboard parts. But also the remaining seven songs are excellent enough. Those who want to enjoy a great symbiosis of doom, gothic and symphonic metal can’t find a way around the new Draconian album Turning Season Within.

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