Dreadnought - Vanitas

2 songs
10:21 minutes
***** ****


A few weeks ago, Luxembourgish metal band Dreadnought released, out of the blue, a new single which is available as a free download on their Bandcamp page. Two years ago I was quite struck by their debut Demon, a fun record which was maybe a little long to be considered an EP, but definitely too short to be labelled a longplayer.

So it seems as if the quintet isn’t the busiest band when it comes to songwriting, but the new single shows tremendous improvement, especially on the single track Vanitas itself. Dreadnought call their style melodic black metal, and this isn’t that far off the mark, although their unpolished approach puts them in a different, and in my opinion: more rewarding, league than the more commercially minded suchlike bands. As a matter of fact, they combine thrash and death metal elements with the Northern frost of black metal, and in the end stand out with a rather original sound.

Both tracks are about five minutes long, and the title track shows the band from its most melodic side yet. Bördi’s vocals are legend: deep growls that are maybe more akin to death metal, without denying the black influence though. Another truly astounding element are the two guitarist whose riffs are this time deeply Northern, without the hysteria of the early wave of black metal bands, but more even tempered, thus increasing their accessibility. You won’t find many contemporary black metal bands that are able to come up with such a memorable track. This is the stuff of legends!

The second track Old City starts out rougher, with hints to early thrash metal, before soon turning into a fast black metal track that only later on once again unpacks the great guitar work that we have first heard on the opener.

It’s of course probably easier to come up with two great songs than an entire album full of them, but this is certainly a sign of hope that Dreadnought are back and ready to kill. Like I wrote two years ago: when it comes to popularity, they are not yet on the same level with better known Luxembourgish metal acts, but their music can take it up with the best of them. Download this single now!

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