DREAMING IN RED - Silence Before...

Dreaming In Red - Silence Before...

10 songs
48:10 minutes
***** ****


Although Dreaming In Red has belonged to the Luxembourgian metal scene already for several years, they have only released their first CD in 2002, more or less six years after their foundation. After a few member changes, Dreaming In Red found their actual line-up and began to play more concerts, very successfully as they reached a fourth position at the 2000 Luxembourgian edition of the Emergenza newcomer contest. This was quite a surprise as they are one of the more extreme metal bands from Luxembourg. The first fact you notice about Dreaming In Red are the very crude vocals which tend into a death metal direction. But the band name wouldn't fit to a pure death metal band. Dreaming In Red are always looking to bring variation into their songwriting and so, you can also find some thrash (False) or doom (Lunatic) on their CD. It doesn't matter to which song you're listening, the instrumentation is always at an extremely high level. And the sound as well as the production are strongly improved compared to the unmastered version which I heard some months ago. The only negative aspect on this CD is the whispered intro Silence, but this shouldn't avoid anyone ordering the record for 15 Euros at the band's homepage.

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