Dropbunny - IO

18 songs
71:45 minutes
***** ****
(self released)


Dropbunny is a metal septet from Melbourne and has been founded in 2009. A little later, they released already their debut album Hypothesis which became something of an underground success. Unfamiliar with their first record, I can only claim that its successor IO has turned out to be a fantastic album. The aesthetic cover artwork explains without words the meaning of the unusual title.

Comparisons can be made to the early Slipknow, as Dropbunny also play quite hefty music full of unpredictabilities. Apart from brutal metal riffs, you will also encounter elements from folk, jazz, electronica and avant-garde. Next to the usual instruments, the musicians also used violin, sitar, double bass and some self-concocted instruments manufactured from rat traps, motors and electric saws.

The songwriting is extremely complex, a little like we have come to expect from Meshuggah. The powerful riffing is joined by brutal screams that fit perfectly well under the circumstances. Yet the band is not putting the pedal to the metal constantly, but always finds time to add quieter parts that integrate most of the time in quite an experimental way. Especially the mellower moments show parallels to Faith No More, which is also due to the vocals. Irredeemably Fucked could be labelled Faith No More goes metalcore, as both genres are intertwined very skilfully. Dropbunny go even further on the jazzy and bizarre Jumped that wouldn’t be out of order on a Mike Patton solo release. There are many more tracks that deserve to be singled out, but I leave it with the psychedelically crazy Inchoate. If you need any further aha moments, I suggest you check out the entire album.

I have always loved albums that are varied and unpredictable. Dropbunny are certainly no pioneers in that genre, as other artists paved the ground already a decade earlier, but IO is still and despite its long running time an absolutely entertaining affair. If you want to give a young and still relatively unknown band a chance, you are with Dropbunny definitely at the right address.

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