DROPJAW - At The Hour Of The Wolf

Dropjaw - At The Hour Of The Wolf

10 songs
30:08 minutes
***** **


Dropjaw is a melodic punk band from Luxembourg which was founded in 2008. Their first album From Stranger To Stranger came out in 2010 and allowed the band to play opening shows for Bad Religion and Sum 41. Now they are back with their second album At The Hour Of The Wolf, and it is clear from the outset that not much has changed with these former musicians from bands like Versus You, Broken Stars and Lecter MD.

Actually they would have been perfect to be the local opener for Blink 182 in July this year, as there are few bands sounding so similar to the San Diego trio. The ten tracks on the album are all between two and a half and three and a half minutes long and offer the kind of sugar-sweet melodic punk rock we have come to expect from this band. Only 1640 has turned out a little mellower and shows that this direction is not one of Dropjaw’s strengths. The other songs are all quite catchy and despite no shortage of harmonies never lack the necessary power. The band suggests Dead Is Dead and Stick Around as tracks to tune in, but in the end they don’t vary so much from the remaining material. And this is in my opinion the artists’ major weakness. The songs all sound very entertaining, but they do sound a lot alike. Even repeated listening makes it hard to discern that certain standout song. It would be nice if the band worked on adding more of an original touch to their music in the future.

Despite this one point of criticism, I can still recommend Dropjaw to every fan of quality melodic punk rock. The four guys have done a good job and certainly don’t lack motivation, but with a little more courage to distance themselves from the aforementioned bands, they could surprise us with something even better.

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