DRY KILL LOGIC - The Dead And Dreaming

Dry Kill Logic - The Dead And Dreaming

11 songs
37:09 minutes
***** ***
Steamhammer / SPV


The dark and sad cover artwork could make you think that Dry Kill Logic are a gothic metal band, but fortunately they are worlds away from that genre. The opener Lost is a very brutal thrash core song which throws you immediately out of your socks. There are some similar tracks to this one on the record, but the general approach on Dry Kill Logic's fourth album is a more melodic way. Most songs consist of ultra-violent instrumentation which invite you to mosh around like bitten by a venomous spider. Consequently the vocals are very tough and the singer seems to do severe damage to his vocal chords. Lots of songs also contain very melodic parts reminding of Linkin Park because of the harmonic vocal lines. Some songs like As Thick As Thieves, Hindsight and Then You Lie even have some hit potential and seem to be written for US college radio stations. There is one more complex song (One Handed Knife Fight) where especially the guitar shows parallels to VoiVod's middle phase. Dry Kill Logic are not a too original band because every song can be compared to another band, but as production and song writing aren't bad, it is nevertheless an album where listening to is fun. I suppose that this band could become more popular in the United States than in Europe where nu metal isn't as popular as on the other side of the Atlantic Ocean.

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