DUNGEON - A Rise To Power

Dungeon - A Rise To Power

12 songs
57:59 minutes
***** **


OK, let's start with the negative aspect of this album: I truly, sincerely hate the cover artwork. Any self-respecting heavy metal band should get better visuals, unless they want to frighten people away from their music. As it is, Dungeon are by no means a bad or boring heavy metal band.

When I read that Dungeon's vocalist Lord Tim was Australia's answer to Kai Hansen, I was already expecting a clone, but fortunately I was wrong. Not that there's something specifically wrong with Kai Hansen, but I do prefer bands that define their music from within and not from outer sources.

Although Dungeon have been releasing music since the mid-Nineties in Australia, A Rise To Power is their first album to be released officially in Europe. And a good thing that is for people into melodic power metal: as one of the most important metal bands in Australia, they show that they are playing much more confidently than many of their European peers. The production is just what you would expect: fast double bass drum attacks are backing crunching metal guitars and a solid bass rhythm. Lord Tim's voice is standard high pitch, but his vocals are delivered with much conviction. The songwriting is on the one hand rooted in Eighties metal, but on the other hand you have a very transparently (but in no way forcedly modern) sounding product which is what the revival of so-called true metal was to be about. And once you think it's all over, and start getting annoyed with the waiting for a hidden bonus track at the end of the CD, you'll get a nice surprise with a perfectly executed cover version of Queensr˙che's Queen Of The Reich. As if I were 15 again!

If you want to learn more about Dungeon, have a look at their very comprehensive website, something most bands will never achieve with so much completeness. Of course, there is no originality as such in the music, and if you never liked metal before, then A Rise To Power will definitely not change your mind. But those of you who still wear their hair long and are not ashamed to show off your Iron Maiden and Judas Priest t-shirts will have a great time with Dungeon.

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