DUSTBOWL - Drops Of Chaos

Dustbowl - Drops Of Chaos

13 songs
51:36 minutes
***** **


Drops Of Chaos, the debut album from French metal band Dustbowl, starts out like a pure gothic album. After a few songs, I discovered that Dustbowl’s sound is much more diverse and experimental, including elements like heavier metal, atmospheric rock and even some ambient and atmospheric parts.

Heaviness isn’t the main ingredient on this album. The 1997 formed band puts their emphasis on darkness and melancholia, which brings them into the stylistic neighbourhood of bands like Paradise Lost, Sisters Of Mercy, Anathema and A Perfect Circle, without Dustbowl ever degrading themselves as a one-to-one copy. Drops Of Chaos contains many excellent tracks of different genres. Thrown To You and Unworthy You aim at the gothic community. The band’s more atmospheric side is highlighted by The Last Temptation, Stay Cold Under Colors and Another World. The semi-ballad Darkness Used Sometimes A Breath Of Weird Lights and the near-doom track You’ll Make This All Go Away with its female guest vocals portray the Parisians’ slower persona. Rock and metal fans should get the most out of Glory Doors, Gemini and Calling For Heroes.

Don’t expect the most original and innovative album, but Drops Of Chaos is still a very good debut. Instrumentation and production are on a professional level and I didn’t even catch a French accent. There are no weak moments on the album, although the short instrumentals don’t make too much sense for me. Fans of dark metal are the target audience for this respectable first effort.

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