DYING FETUS - Stop At Nothing

Dying Fetus - Stop At Nothing

8 songs
35:37 minutes
***** ****
Relapse / Suburban


Most bands would just stop playing music when all but one member leave, but not Dying Fetus. When John Gallagher found himself alone, he just collected four new musicians to continue as good as before... or even better. Stop At Nothing is a powerhouse of a death metal album. The name Dying Fetus may sound creepy, but you won't hear better East Coast death metal anywhere.

The album my be short, but each of the eight featured songs show why Dying Fetus are a great band. Their music is very fast, with guitar riffs that are highly technical and accessible at the same time. The vocals are effectively brutal and convey perfectly the band's take-no-prisoners attitude. The production is top-notch, where the whole is much bigger than the sum of its parts.

The only thing that didn't satisfy me was the lyrical content. Like so many American bands these days, they think they have to comment on terrorist issues, but in a typical black-and-white way we have become used to, unfortunately. I won't get into this further here, as there is enough information available elsewhere on the Internet, but just thought why not mention the lyrics when they are printed anyway?

Apart from that, we have a near perfect album here. Why only near perfect? The songs are all sounding great, and even the rather short playing time guarantees no boredom, but giving an album 10 points always gives me the impression that they have reached their zenith. I know we can still expect a lot from Dying Fetus. Any person thinking of itself as an extreme metal fan has to get this one. 9 points.

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