EKTOMORF - I Scream Up To The Sky

Ektomorf - I Scream Up To The Sky

13 songs
46:16 minutes
***** **


Hungarian bands don't often make it over to the West, although that country of spicy dishes is well known (in the underground) for great music festivals and overweight radio DJs. Ektomorf are not only Hungarian, but also proud of their Roma heritage, and therefore try to put their folklore into their music.

Does that make them the East European Sepultura. Yes and no. Yes, because they share the same musical vision, which means play hardcore enriched thrash metal that sounds modern without being to overhyped. No, because Sepultura are in my opinion better musicians, or at least combine metal and folklore in a more sophisticated way.

Here you get folklore in the Hungarian song Fáidalom Könnyei, but the rest of the album is rather traditional modern music (does that make sense?). Two songs are standing out: Serial Men is kinda Voivod-like, and A Hard Day's Night is a coverversion by the greatest pop band ever. Of course not as groundbreaking as the original, but who would have expected that?

All in all, this is some good metal core, although not necessarily a classic. Just as a notice: there should also be a Hungarian dubbed version out there soon, which probably will sound more exotic to our ears. 7 points for a routined band (ISUTTS is already their fourth album) which would be really great if they added more folklore into their music.

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