ELIAS VILJANEN - Taking The Lead

Elias Viljanen - Taking The Lead

12 songs
43:14 minutes
***** *


Lion Music seems to be the new source for instrumental hard rock and heavy metal music in Europe. I can't say that I am too excited about this, because already the late 80ies did an overkill with the masses of guitar heroes from Shrapnel Records.

So this time the guitar hero is called Elias Viljanen, or shortly just Evil, and he comes from Finland. His main influence is self-admittedly Joe Satriani, which you can hear clearly on the opener, on the title track and on the two fast pieces Hyper-Boogie and Speed Of The Devil. Apart from that, Mr Evil tries to find his own way. The result is never really original, but then it is close to impossible to re-invent instrumental guitar rock. There's a good backing band where especially the power drumming adds some energy to the music. With I Go Solo and Written In Stars, there's also two quieter moments. The heartpieces in my opinion are Evil Rock and Northern Breeze, two faster songs that come with rather memorable melodies.

All in all, the craft is good on this album, but I personally have a hard time listening to instrumental albums. If you like American guitar music in the line of Satriani and Vai, then you might like Viljanen, too.

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