GODIVA - Godiva

Godiva - Godiva

11 songs
45:08 minutes


While Switzerland has brought the world two of the best avant metal bands ever (Celtic Frost and Coroner), their more traditional hard rock and metal exports were in my opinion always rather stale. Krokus and Gotthard may have had huge fanbases, but I never understood why.

Godiva are another of those bands that leave me with utter confusion. Where many bands try to pay tribute to the Eighties in a quite charming way, I really get a hard time finding anything positive about this album. OK, the music is professionally played, and especially guitar player Sammy Lasagni (love that name!) could be something like Switzerland's answer to Eddie Van Halen, but the overall impression is just plainly bad. Anthony De Angelis' vocals are scratching severely in my ears, and his switching from Bon Scottish high-pitched squeals to his more grating normal voice, all enveloped in cliché-laden heavy metal lyrics, are just too much for me on this Sunday morning as I am writing this review.

So who is this album for? Krokus and Gotthard had fans, as I mentioned already, so maybe there will be some for Godiva left. But certainly not me!

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