HADES - Bootlegged In Boston 1988

Hades - Bootlegged In Boston 1988

82 minutes
***** **
Cruz Del Sur


Hades were one of the most sophisticated thrash metal bands of the late Eighties. They never found the deserved attention and finally broke up in the early Nineties. There have been several comebacks, even sometimes with new albums, but success was never an option. Therefore it was hard to get decent videos of the band, and a live DVD also seemed to be out of the question.

At long last, the Italian cult metal label Cruz Del Sur has unearthed and released a recording from 1988, filmed in Boston after the band had released their first two legendary albums Resisting Success and If At First You Don’t Succeed. The live set is 33 minutes long, contains seven songs and should have every nostalgic metal fan’s heart beat faster. But we should not forget that the source material is more than twenty years old, archived on VHS tape whose quality deteriorated over time. The camera work is quite decent, but the picture is not always very sharp and shows a lot of pixels. The sound quality also is no better than listening to a midnight long wave station. Actually this is somewhat a shame, as killer tracks like Opinionate!, The Leaders? and Nightstalker therefore fail to unfold their genius.

More interesting is the forty-six minute long documentary Inside The Metal where the band members tell from today’s perspective about their careers. You will find yourself flabbergasted by their crazy wigs from the Eighties and their teenie looks from the Seventies (Hades were founded back in 1978). Alan Tecchio, Dan Lorenzo and Ed Fuhrman do most of the reminiscing, but other former members also have their moments. Next to a chapter about their follow-up band Non Fiction, you get also cool videos and excerpts from Opinionate!, Y2K and Ground Zero NY, where especially the archaic computer effects amuse. The DVD ends with a more recent video clip.

This DVD can only be recommended for diehard Hades fans. The content is very interesting, but the image and sound qualities don’t do today’s standards justice.

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