Halo Of Shadows - Manifesto

10 songs
44:20 minutes
***** ***


Halo Of Shadows are a newcomer metal band from Finland founded in early 2005. Their debut album is called Manifesto, and their label is proud to compare them to established acts like Death, Arch Enemy, Symphony X, King Diamond and Children Of Bodom. This indication is quite useful to give you a general idea about their style.

Halo Of Shadows know to write songs with cool arrangements, fast and sharp edged breaks, melodic hooklines and enough aggression thanks to the rough vocals. The opener Trapped In Infinity sounds like symphonic metal with death metal vocals. Whore is classic melodic death metal as you are used to from Children Of Bodom. Both songs have enough melodic keyboard parts that make them quite interesting. Less well done are the two hectic songs Burn In Depths and Manifesto where I had the impression that the band had lost the general overview. Drowned In Ashes even contains some progressive parts making me think of Emerson, Lake & Palmer. Ravenous Heart and Follow The Fall have the potential to become band hymns when played live. The Force Zero is the album's most brutal track and my favourite Carved In Flesh surprises with a nice melody containing folk elements. Finally the album ends with the slower Eyes Of Faith.

I know that it's no new idea to combine death and black metal parts with power metal melodies, but it's extremely well done on Manifesto. Some songs could still be a bit more mature, but considering that the band is still so young, I need to show my respect towards their debut which is a contemporary metal album worth listening to.

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