HANK - Distanz

Hank - Distanz

10 songs
54:52 minutes
***** **


This album has already been released in 1999, but I only got it 3 years later. So what? It's never too late for a review, and Hank are maybe not the best band around, but they are fairly original, and I like that.

Hank may be less accessible to the English speaking community because of their dramatic German vocals, but if you count bands like Rammstein to your favourites, then Hank should be alright with you too. There's 10 songs on this album that last rather long, and the music is a combination of heavy rock guitar music with a lot of atmospheric keyboard sounds. The whole thing is topped by a singer who has a really charismatic voice. At moments, this really sounds a lot like Rammstein, but sometimes also Hank change their direction into more original territories. As their first album (this is the second one) was even more hardrock, I guess that the future will lead the band (who is called PLUS nowadays) into more electronic sounds.

On the song Genau wie ich, they have Hundert-11 as guest musicians. Not really a famous band either, but Lex is writing a review for their last EP at the same time as I am writing this one.

You can order this CD for the ridiculously low price of only 7 Euro at Noiseworks Records (see link on the left side of the page). You can order a lot of other cool stuff their too. 7 points.

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