HARMONY - Dreaming Awake

Harmony - Dreaming Awake

11 songs
53:39 minutes


Dreaming Awake is the debut by Harmony, ANOTHER melodic metal band from Sweden. The instrumental opener Into The Afterlife is sounding quite uninspired, and the first vocal track Eternity reflects the band's lack of ideas. I also think that three instrumentals on one album are quite exaggerated. At a first listening, Harmony don't sound too different from Stormwind who have already released six albums. Giving the album more attention clearly shows that Harmony are still far away from their ideals. Singer Henrik Bath's voice is below average and the drum sound is quite boring. The keyboards play a too dominating role and there's still lot of progress to do about songwriting. Most songs are played at a high tempo without losing the melodic elements, but there are also two ballads (Without You, She) on the CD which can't grab my attention either. Harmony still have a long way to go and they weren't ready yet to record a debut album on a major label.

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