The Hate Colony - Navigate

13 songs
47'09 minutes
***** **


The Hate Colony are from Trondheim and have been around since 2010. The band name sounds quite hardcore, but as a matter of fact the five Norwegians play an unusual mix of metalcore and nu metal. After their debut Dead Or Victorious (2011), they are now back with their second album Navigate.

While the opener Recheck shows the band from its most furious side, the following Trigger is already much more varied. The vocals are mostly growls that allow parallels to Lamb Of God. The two guitars are played in an astonishingly melodic way and very playful, taking care that the modern metal component isnít getting the short end of the stick. Occasional synthesizer parts fits seamlessly into the overall sound. The Hate Colony seems most at ease on their faster material. The Letter and Domain are tracks that are performed without pause for breath, and especially the fast and furious guitar solos are impressive. There is also a more threatening side to the band. On tracks like Blood Runs Black and Nothing Less you get the impression as if a steamroller is rolling right over you. The guitars are tuned down and procure an aggressive mood if not extraordinarily quick pace. The concluding Welcome To The Hate Colony is the albumís most complex track that makes sure you keep the band in good memory.

The current records of bands like The Hate Colony and Triosphere prove that Norway has more to offer than just black metal. Maybe I am a tad old to enjoy The Hate Colony at the fullest, but I can imagine that people below thirty years will find more to like here, provided they are not afraid of heavy sounds.

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