HATE SQUAD - H8 For The Masses

Hate Squad - H8 For The Masses

10 songs
43:25 minutes
***** *
Swell Creek


Hate Squad were a band that had a brief bout of success in the Nineties, and then I thought I would never hear of them again. Their comeback album H8 For The Masses proves me wrong, as these guys are still alive and kicking, and freaking angry too. This might be explained by the fact that a lot of frustrations must have built up in the band's past. Already the opener H8 For The Masses is an uncompromising piece of thrash metal they way it was popular in the early Nineties. There is not necessarily a lot of melody. Most of the time Hate Squad are playing grooving mid-tempo thrash songs that occasionally nod at old school hardcore, as for instance with Raging Hate, a raging 3-minute stomper.

The longer songs like Don't Forget and Time For Revenge add some more contemporary metal ingredients, but that shouldn't make you think that this German five-piece has decided to become a modern band. No, most of the material is rather old-fashioned. The production is bone-dry and mercilessly heavy, if only the songwriting were more involving, I could get deeper into this album. While the music is played at a top-notch lever (and hey, these guy used to be big a couple of years ago in their home country), I have my problems with the vocalist who sounds very undifferentiated. While this is still ok for the heavy stuff, it sounds really weak on the slower moments of Time For Revenge, for instance. The lyrics, although well meant, could have used an English proof-reader... this would have prevented my amusement while reading the lyrics of We Are Amused.

If you are looking for a no-holds-barred old school thrash metal album without too much finesse and subtleties (as if there are so many of those people out there), then H8 For The Masses is what you are looking for, otherwise I strongly recommend first listening before deciding to buy.

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