HEARTBEAT PARADE - Heartbeat Parade

Heartbeat Parade - Heartbeat Parade

4 songs
20:33 minutes
***** **


Heartbeat Parade are a rather new band from Luxembourg. Nonetheless the trio’s members collected already quite some experience in their former bands dEFDUMp and Riktus. They play the classical rock instrumental guitar, bass and drums, and instead of vocals, they rely on numerous spoken word samples.

The band was founded in late 2009. Their first big show was at the 2010 edition of the Out Of The Crowd festival. After a couple of successful concerts, it was time to release their first record which turned out to be a rather short EP starting with the inconspicuous intro L’aube de la révolte, followed by the first regular track Les grands et les petits. The three guys play rather classic post rock which might feel a little dated and remind at times of From Monument To Masses who recently split up. The music is quite chaotic and sometimes even inscrutable, but convinces absolutely from a technical point of view. The highlight is the somewhat quieter The Destroyer Of Worlds, dealing of course with Hiroshima, and sporting really cool bass lines and a suspenseful structure. The first three songs were recorded in the professional studio at the Rockhal. The EP ends with the rehearsal room recording No Bailout whose sound fortunately also leaves nothing to be desired. On this last piece, the band shows itself from their more dynamic side. Apart from the two minute intro, the songs all make it slightly over six minutes.

I didn’t doubt the involved musicians’ talents, and the use of spoken word samples makes the songs livelier than with your average instrumental band. Nevertheless there is a certain bitter aftertaste as the band is adhering too strictly to classic recipes without daring to venture forth into new territories. Later this year their first longplayer is scheduled to come out, and maybe they will work on that. This doesn’t change their undeniable success which recently culminated in them being chosen to represent Luxembourg at the renowned Printemps de Bourges festival in France.

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