Heartbreak Engines - One Hour Hero

11 songs
36:43 minutes
***** **
People Like You


One Hour Hero is the third CD by German punk’n’roll band Heartbreak Engines from the Ruhr valley. Formed in 2002, they released their debut Good Drinks, Good Butts, Good Fellows only one year later. In 2005 followed Lover Murder Blues, which saw the band spending two years on the road before they came back with a rock’n’roll album which is more mature and versatile than the majority of current psychobilly bands.

The opener and title track is a nice mixture of psychobilly, punk and rock’n’roll with a catchy melody. To get a retro rock’n’roll sound, the band opted for a double bass which lately so many more bands on their label use, getting mean people to gossip that the label bought one of these instruments on eBay and coerces their artists to use it in order to amortise its expenses.

The band adds many different ideas into their sound. Love’s A Dagger combined rock’n’roll with a horror atmosphere. Their more classic rock’n’roll side is highlighted by Black Gold Rebel and the dirty Gunwitch featuring Sparky from Demented Are go on vocals. Retro rock comes to light on God’s Black Day and the melancholic Bad Job Jesus which unfortunately contains an annoying blues solo. Generally One Hour Hero is more accessible than their past releases. Only Not My War is a faster and more aggressive song.

Heartbreak Engines sound a lot like Mad Sin from Berlin, probably Germany’s most popular punkabilly band. Not the biggest fan of the genre, I still respect the Heartbreak Engines as they are not concentrating their efforts on one single music style. One Hour Hero is a solid bridge between Sixties rock’n’roll and Nineties melodic punk, resulting in a timeless rock sound.

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