Heavenly - Virus

9 songs
50:22 minutes
***** ****


Virus is the fourth album by the French band Heavenly who have been around since 1994. Nostalgic metal fans will like their mix of bombast and melodic power speed metal as it is also performed by Helloween, Gamma Ray and Freedom Call. Clear vocal lines, huge choirs, an impressive rhythm section and lots of fast guitar solos are harmonizing perfectly.

The opener The Dark Memories is a powerful speed metal hymn out of a time machine from the late Eighties. Spill Blood On Fire, which is also featured as a video clip on the CD, is much more melodic and shows even some Bon Jovi parallels. The title track and Zhe Power & Fury are darker songs a bit in the vein of Sonata Arctica. Wasted Time and Liberty are two more conventional speed metal songs, but Bravery In The Fields and The Prince Of The World are more symphonic metal tracks with some musical-like passages that even Abba fans could enjoy. Yet the ultimate highlight is the cover version of When The Rain Begins To Fall. I liked this pop song by Jermaine Jackson and Pia Zadora already more than twenty years ago, but this metal version with a female guest singer is overwhelming.

Heavenly have every reason to be proud of their latest effort. Who would have thought that traditional metal could still sound so fresh and enjoyable these days?

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