HEAVILS - Heavilution

Heavils - Heavilution

14 songs
60:43 minutes
***** ***
Metal Blade


Why Metal Blade did not bother to release the Heavils' debut album in Europe is a sensible question. Their new album Heavilution will thus be a debut for the European market. I am not certain, but I guess that having Devin Townsend as producer made their label release this CD also in Europe. If you have never heard of the Heavils before, you should know that they are not your ordinary rock band. Instead of playing regular guitars, they manufacture their own instruments, called Meanies, which look like no guitars you have seen before. My favourite Meanie is the toilet seat guitar, combining usability and art in a never seen before way.

With guitars like that, the Heavils never really sound like other hard rock bands. While half of the songs sound like aggressive hard rock or metal songs, due to the good production of Devin Townsend, I have to admit that I like the band best when they emphasise the weirdness of their sound. Good examples are the groovy title song reminding of the bass-heavy Primus, Space Heater with a fantastic chorus, Floaters with guitars sounding like an army of angry bees and also Just Got Back, a cover version by Cheap Trick whose guitarist Rick Nielsen together with his son are helping out.

While the first 13 songs entertain you very well for something more than forty minutes, the last track Kadigimonk is an nearly 20 minutes long experimental instrumental track where the guys showcase the strangeness of their Meanies. Without any rhythm to sustain, this is a very hard to listen to song, and will probably have most of the people switch the album off right there. As the regular part of the album still has a normal running time, I can recommend the album to those who have no problem combining dirty hard rock music with a very strange sense of humour. With more experimental songs like the aforementioned ones or also the crazy Laundry Day, this would have been a near-classic, but hey, it's still a good and honestly original album.

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