HEAVY HEAVY LOW LOW - Everything's Watched, Everyone's Watching

Heavy Heavy Low Low - Everything's Watched, Everyone's Watching

11 songs
22:07 minutes
***** ***


Disbelief would be the initial response to Heavy Heavy Low Low's debut album Everything's Watched, Everyone's Watching. 11 songs hammered down in about 18 minutes (the remaining 4 minutes are for a hidden bonus track) is already by itself a feat, but when you do it in such a relentlessly progressive and aggressive way, then you can be sure not only to get regular hardcore fans by surprise, but also prog listeners might turn sour. Without any real classically trained background, HHLL apply a modular construction system, taking one part grindcore, add another part of free jazz noise, and blend it all together with punk, metal and indie rock elements. A first casual confrontation makes you believe that early Black Flag meet early Naked City minus the saxophone. Free form is very important for HHLL's sound, and therefore it's the rare moments where they keep one part running for more than a quarter minute where you can guess the epic grandeur still hidden in their juvenile show-off attitude.

Everything's Watched, Everyone's Watching is an impressive album, especially for the debut of a band averaging an age of 19 years. With only three songs transcending the two-minute limit, and two of them among the album's highlights, HHLL enter the hardcore scene with a bang, and with the promise that there is still so much more to discover. Until then feel free to check out this short debut which still needs a lot of time to be fully understood.

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