HEIRS - Alchera

Heirs - Alchera

6 songs
41:56 minutes
***** **


Present day Australia started as a colony of exiled criminals, and that’s maybe why some of the best rock’n’roll bands ever (AC/DC, Rose Tattoo) came from Down Under. Yet somehow this continent/country always had a hard time holding its ground with more sophisticated genres. Instrumental quartet Heirs now try to make a lasting impression with their debut Alchera, containing six tracks that are, apart from the ten minute long Mockery, more or less six minutes long.

Trying to reconcile industrial music with post rock, Alchera starts impressively with the pounding Plague Asphyx, a track that shows strongly their indebtness to Michael Gira’s landmark band Swans. The following long track turns to more traditional post rock sounds, using its ten minutes running time to build momentum and tension. From here on, they sound more often post rock than industrial, but occasionally use heavily distorted beats to remind where they initially came from.

Alchera is a pleasant enough debut which somehow doesn’t manage yet to coalesce its two opposite ingredients into something new. Heirs eventually come across as a competent post rock band that is adept at starting their songs slowly, just to see them explode with rousing crescendos. Knowing that they are able of a more idiosyncratic approach, we can hope that the future sees them merging their industrial roots with the sprawling post rock tapestries in a more uncompromising way. This may not yet have the same high quality level than established genre bands, but the utter darkness they conjure on their debut should be incentive enough for every fan of dark music to check out this debut. Their label even offers a free download, an ideal way to get familiar if you want more than what can be found on their Myspace page but are not yet willing to spend their money.

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