HELHEIM - Yersinia Pestis

Helheim - Yersinia Pestis

10 songs
42:24 minutes
***** **


Helheim come from Norway and are part of this land's rich black metal scene. They don't play classic black metal, but combine it with Viking and pagan influences. The spoken word intro Helheim 4 (it's their fourth CD) brings you already into the right premedieval north European atmosphere. The first real song is the title track and Helheim understand to convince with songs played at an enormous speed. The lyrics are typical for black metal, but some Viking choruses put them apart from other black metal bands, although this shows some parallels to Bathory. Stones To The Burden is an excellent example how to play black metal with great male chorus lines. Warlot contains lots of keyboards and distinguishes from the other songs on the record. Even if Helheim play good, fast and aggressive black metal, the general impression is that the record is slightly suffering from a lack of variation. Nevertheless the album is suitable for someone who needs an introduction to Nordic blast. But it's still a long way to reach the peak of the international black metal scene.

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