HELLION - Will Not Go Quietly

Hellion - Will Not Go Quietly

11 songs
63:06 minutes
***** *****


I remember the name Hellion from heavy metal magazines I used to read in the 80ies, but I can't remember ever having heard one of their songs. So my first feeling was of course "not another useless reunion". But what I got to hear from the first song on changed my opinion instantly.

Ann Boleyn, singer and head of Hellion, not only has one of the strongest voices I ever heard in metal music, but also her songwriting is anthemic and modern at the same time. Before I go deeper into the music, we'll have a look at who Ms Boleyn is. Her family history have a deep Masonic and Rosicrucian tradition, her grandfather used to knew Aleister Crowley at the time where the latter founded the OTO, she seems to be into the occult too, and there is evidently a lot of gossip about her which you can read on various webpages. Apart from that, she has been and still is the owner of New Renaissance Records, and also is a gifted Marathon runner. Her sports background are probably responsible for her still terrifically good looks you wouldn't expect of a female rock singer who probably must be already in her forties.

Even if there could be said a lot more about Hellion and Ann Boleyn, we should get back to what matters here, which is the music. Already the opening title track enchants with a pounding chorus which makes you dismiss all so called true metal bands. The following track Welcome (To My Humble Home) is another of these spooky haunting tunes which - once heard - won't leave your mind. Most of the music is kept in mid-tempo, but the production is so warm and crisp, the melodies all so evolved and involving that I hardly can stop listening to this album at the moment. Hellion somehow combine US power metal with a certain thrashiness (without ever sounding unmelodic), with the added vocals of Ann Boleyn, a singer who sounds totally unlike any other female metal singer I know. The overall impression reminds a bit of earlier stuff by King Diamond, another master of the occult, and speaking of the King, are we surprised to hear that Hellion are represented by the same manager in Europe as King Diamond? Hardly.

I know the year is only 5 days old yet, but I have already a strong feeling that this will be one of the best metal albums of the year, and if you only want to buy one heavy metal album this year, buy Will Not Go Quietly.

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