HELVETE - Bloodsoaked Sweets

Helvete - Bloodsoaked Sweets

5 songs
17:47 minutes
***** ***
Dead Vibrations


Helvete from the Southern parts of Sweden are a young band that proves with their EP Bloodsoaked Sweets that it is possible to release music that doesn't necessarily have to sound like Swedish death metal, trendy metal core or lightning fast crust core. Instead the five songs on the album go back in time when it was still ok to play hardcore in a mid-tempo way. Don't expect some kind of rehashed crossover metal sound though, because Helvete add a psychedelic or rather psychotic element to their sound, which probably works so well as there are three guitarists in the band, allowing them to create those wonderful angular guitar moments that sound like an AmRep band on a hate trip.

As a debut, Bloodsoaked Sweets is already very satisfactory, especially as Helvete are one of those rare bands that dare to play a genre that isn't so fashionable right now. By concentrating on their weirder parts and also opting from time to time for longer structures, like in the EP's last song Walk Like The Dead which has a nice jam-like ending Helvete will have one of these days the potential to be one of the foremost psyche core bands. Until that moment arrives, you will be nicely served with this appetizing hors d'oeuvre.

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