HER NAME IS CALLA - The Quiet Lamb

Her Name Is Calla - The Quiet Lamb

12 songs
75:46 minutes
***** **


British post rock band first opened ears in 2008 with their debut EP The Heritage whose six tracks made it over fifty minutes. Two years later, they are finally back with their first longplayer The Quiet Lamb, offering twice as many songs that try their hardest to fill the entire capacity of an audio CD.

Stylistically not that much has changed with the band, except that they are performing their music with even greater minimalism. Already the five minute long opener Moss Giant is not much more than a repeated piano chord progression whose sole aim seems to be to mount the tension. The following A Blood Promise is a typical example of the band’s sound, starting very, very quietly and resorting to atypical instruments like string sections, trumpet and some more. It’s only with Pour More Oil where we get something like a chorus. The short Interval 1 prepares the ground for the album’s magnum opus Condor And River, a seventeen minute long tour de force that shows the band giving it all, although there are still long parts of extreme quietness within. Even the single Long Grass is far from offering a rousing moment. It’s only on Into The West, the final part of the twenty minute long triptych The Union concluding the record, where the band conjures something like a rock feeling.

Let’s face it: Her Name Is Calla are not your typical post rock band. They are more interested in taking their time to build suspense, and it certainly works. It’s just that The Quiet Lamb isn’t an album for all occasions. It might get you sleepy while driving a car or operating heavy machinery, and it’s certainly also not the music you want to make your friends dance to on a feel-good party. Take your time with this long piece of ark, and you will certainly discover its hidden enchantments. Not unlike the late Talk Talk whose last couple of albums had a similarly subdued quality, Her Name Is Calla prefer to do their very own thing instead of opting for quick success.

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