HEX SCREW - Hex Screw

Hex Screw - Hex Screw

6 songs
11:29 minutes


"You're never too young to make some serious noise", must have been what seventeen year old Sam Garrett from Baltimore thought when he started his project Hex Screw. On this 3"-CD-EP, Hex Screw delves deeply into the noisy regions of music, inasmuch as the final result is often barely recognisable as music but rather like high frequency white noise. Using (according to the label's website) bending circuits, deconstructed acoustic guitar and brain fuzz, Hex Screw sounds often like the equally feared Scutopus, although Hex Screw has a different approach: taking real music and hunting it through so many effects that the final result is very different from the source material. This works really cool with the two middle songs Kite And String and Pynx Waltz, where acoustic guitar lines are alienated by wicked noise filters. The rest of the EP is less pleasant though, coming off eventually more like a test of patience and endurance than experimental music.

Still there is potential present, there is of course also a gonzo attitude towards avant-garde navel-gazing, and the final verdict that it's bands like Hex Screw that show us that no matter how extreme one person is, there will always be someone meaner.

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